Friday, May 11, 2012

As Always, It Started With Berks...

So, just like last year at Berks Spring Assault where I won a box of Kabalite Warriors, this year I won a box of Lychguard and a Ghost Ark and I am officially starting a Necron Army.   I love the new models and when I started 40k it was basically between Tau, Imperial Guard and Necrons.   I loved the fluff and look of Necrons before but their line of models was rather... anemic.   Now, that is DEFINATELY not the case and with the upcoming rumored Flyers expansion this June they finally have a full range of awesome models. 

I don't have too much fleshed out for my armies storyline but I do have a lot of ideas on how they want to look.   I will be using a mix of dark and light metals, as well as possibly brown for the carapace portions of their armour.  For the glowing areas that are normally green I will be making them orange, and for a good reason too.  These Necrons will be from a lava planet and they have adapted to use the lava/magma as an energy source for their armies as their tomb world became more geologically active.  All the bases will be onyx/obsidian and lava based and I think that will contrast nicely to my Dark Eldar's ice crystal bases... fire and ice.

Here's a pict similar to how I'll want mine to look:

So as i collect more Necrons and read up more abou them you'll hear more from me.  I'll be using this blog as a resevoir of links to other posts about tactics, tutorials etc.

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